Wexford Children's Center [Main]

Class Descriptions & Requirements

We offer two sessions for each age group:
  • Morning class hours 9:00-11:30 AM
  • Afternoon class hours 12:30-3:00 PM

Three-year-old Class - A jump start in life. The three year old class helps establish a positive attitude and comfort level in a school setting long before the learning curve begins in earnest. Children gain confidence by experience, and we'll provide hands-on opportunities for creative expression, an introduction to letters and numbers, socialization skills, listening, and occasional fieldtrips. At the end of the year they'll even know how to write their own name! All of this is done in a caring Christian environment, and we encourage Christian growth by modeling and teaching Christian values, reinforcing God's love for the children and teaching them through Bible stories, songs, games, and crafts.

  • Meets Tuesday and Thursday
  • Children must be three years old by November 1
  • Focuses on development of social and independent skills

Four-year-old Class - Kindergarten is on the horizon now. The four year old class creates excitement toward the idea of exploring and learning. We promote initial academic development through pre-reading, math, literature, writing, and science. We use art, games, stories, cooking, science experiments and music to broaden the childrens' world while they have fun. Our programs incorporate Christian principles, and we provide a loving and nurturing Christian atmosphere where children learn to love God and His word.

  • Meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Children must be four years old by November 1
  • Continues to strengthen independence and self-confidence
  • Focuses on kindergarten readiness skills

Five-year-old Class - Preparing your child for Kindergarten. The five year old class concentrates on preparing children for Kindergarten. We motivate the children to be excited about learning, and about Kindergarten. We continue to encourage relationship building skills, invite members of the community to come into our room and talk about how they are helping our community. We also take field trips to explore our community and to help the children associate what they are learning in the classroom with where they live. This final pre-school year maintains a strong Christian environment with daily prayers, weekly bible stories, and lessons to live a faith filled life. We teach the children to love God and be thankful for everything that He has given us.

  • Meets Monday through Friday
  • Children must be five by November 1 or have prior experience in a 4-year-old preschool program
  • Designed to meet the needs of those children:
    • Who missed the kindergarten cut-off date
    • Who would benefit from additional kindergarten readiness skills

Time enrolled at Wexford Children's Center will ensure your child is ready spiritually, academically, and physically to face the challenges to come.

Enrollment begins in January for the following school year. Registration information is available at the Children's Center.

*All Children should be toilet-trained.