Wexford Children's Center [Main]

Miss Susan became the director of the Wexford Children's Center in 2009. Previous to this, she served on the WCC Board, acted as Director in the summer of 2001, has been an assistant teacher for the 5 year old class, and is also a former WCC parent. Miss Susan is a long-standing member of the Wexford Community Presbyterian Church.
Three Year Olds
  • Miss Stacy - teacher
    Miss Stacy has a BA in Elementary Education and a Master's of Science in Elementary Education. She taught in New York before moving to PA.
  • Miss Melissa - Christian Education Assistant teacher
    Miss Melissa previously taught preschool in Texas for 9 years before moving to PA.
  • Miss Lynn - Assistant teacher
    Miss Lynn is the assistant teacher for the afternoon class. Lynn is completing her Master's in Education. This is her third year teaching at WCC.

Four Year Olds
  • Miss Lori - teacher
    Miss Lori has a degree in Elementary Education from Penn State. She has served as the long-term sub for us for many years and we are excited for her to be the four year olds' teacher!
  • Miss Connie D. - Christian Eduation Assistant teacher

Five Year Olds
  • Miss Karin - teacher
    Miss Karin holds dual degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education. She has taught locally at North Allegheny and previously in St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Miss Sandy - Christian Education Assistant teacher
    Miss Sandy has been assisting with the Pre-K class since 2013.

Miss Marie teaches our preschool and childcare children to make a joyful noise as our visiting Music teacher.

Miss Kathy is the physical education teacher for all of our preschool classes. She has over 30 years experience at the K-5 level. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the State of Physical Education Association.

Our Child Care Staff's experience ranges from 4 - 30 years. Every staff member receives 6 hour of training annually. In addition, each is trained in first aid. Ten of our childcare staff members also have CPR training.

Note: All Preschool classes have a certified teacher and an assistant.